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Joseph the DreamerJoseph was Jacob's favorite son. Jacob loved Joseph more than he loved his other sons. He even gave Joseph a tunic -- a robe -- and a colorful one at that.

Joseph's brothers were jealous of him and hated him. They wouldn't even talk to him without getting angry or irritated with Joseph.

Joseph was only seventeen, but in spite of how his brothers treated him everyday, he loved and cared for them. Read the story...

e Joseph Interprets DreamsContrary to what Jacob thought, Joseph was very alive.

When he was sold by his brothers to merchants going to Egypt, these merchants sold him too. They sold Joseph to an Egyptian named Potiphar.

Potiphar was an officer of Pharaoh. He was also the captain of the guard. God loved and favored Joseph and He was with Joseph all the time. Read the next story...

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Man In The Bible
Jacob is our Man In The Bible this week!

Learn New Bible Words!

shekel: a Hebrew unit of weight and money
sheaf: stalks of cut grain bound together
tunic: a type of clothing that may or may not have sleeves, reaching to the knees, and worn over a layer of clothing

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